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Visita de Prime a La Barceloneta en Barcelona el 13-05-2007
Usuario: Prime
Mi calificación: 2-0 Estrellas
Generalmente calificado: 2-0 Estrellas

"Crowded, young, moved"

Barceloneta beach for sure is not the best beach to relax. I'd better say:

Go here if you want to meet young people from all over the world, do sports and to be active.

There are some beach bars close here at higher prices than at the rest of the city, so I'd recommend to bring some food and drinks if you don't want to pay too much for a Coke.

Personally I like the place, but for sure there are better beaches, like Bogatell for example.

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Mi calificación: Calificado con 2.0
Visitado: dom 13 may 2007 00:00 CEST

"Crowded, young, moved"

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La Barceloneta
Tipo: PlayasPlazas
valorado: Calificado con 2-0
08003 Barcelona - Barceloneta
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