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Prime's visit to Puerto Olímpico in Barcelona on 17-04-2008
User: Prime
My review: 3-0 Stars
Generally reviewed: 3-0 Stars

"Nice to have a drink in the sun"

I have frequent walks in this zone. A lot of people passing by to see the ocean, others doing sports, and some just sitting an listening to the sound of the water having the sun in the face. It's a good place to hang out a small while, if you go to one of the beaches located at the northern and southern end of th harbour. At night I wouldn't go out here. It's very touristic and the prices extremely high. The places are not bad, bad I promise there is much better stuff around in Barcelona...

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My review: Reviewed with 3.0
Visited: Thu 17 Apr 2008 00:00 CEST

"Nice to have a drink in the sun"

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Puerto Olímpico
Type: Harbours
rated: Reviewed with 3-0
08005 Barcelona - Poble Nou
Details Puerto Olímpico, Harbours Barcelona Details  Visitors Puerto Olímpico Visitors