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What is RSS?

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RSS means: Really Simple Syndication

Actual & interesting information without visiting the website.

For sure you will have seen a lot of websites offering "RSS streams", but few of them explain why RSS is great stuff.

RSS feeds contain a summary of certain content and is thought to let you identify topics which may be of your interest and then visit the related content on the website itself.

RSS allows you to:

  • Receive the most actual information
  • Showing only contents you want to see
  • With direct links to the detailed information
  • Without need to visit the website to know what is shown there...

On Lovento.com we use these feeds to inform you in a discrete way about upcoming events and venues which may be interesting to visit, as well as the latest events in your favourite places.

How to receive the feeds...

1.: Download & install a RSS feed reader

First of all you need to find and install a feedreader you like to use to receive and read your RSS news. There are a plenty of readers out there.

On the top right of this page we offer a small selection of the most used readers. Feel free to try any of them.

2.: Find the topics you are interested in.

Now you just have to find the topics and add the topics to your newsreader you would like to be informed about.

To do so you have to copy the URL of the feed and add it to your reader

We have set up a single page where you can find all the feeds we offer for you.

Each time you open, or activate the software, you will receive the headlines of latest topics.

Available RSS topics

Well known feed readers