Ictineu II Submarine, Barcelona
Ictineu II Submarine
Address: Moll d'Espanya s/n. Barcelona, Spain  
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Ictineo II was launched on 2 October 1864 and was the first successful combustion-powered submarine.

Indeed it was the first submarine to overcome the basic problems of machine powered underwater navigation. It had dimensions of 14 m x 2 m x 3 m (l x b x d) with 46 tonnes of displacement and 29 m³ capacity. It was built with olive tree wood with oak reinforcements and a 2 millimeter thick copper layer. On its upper side it had a deck 1,3 meters wide and a hatch with three glazed portholes of 200 mm diameter and 100 mm thick glass blocks.

The most important invention of Monturiol was the anaerobic engine of Ictineo II together with the solution to the problem of oxygen supply in an hermetic container.

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Ictineu II SubmarineIctineu II SubmarineIctineu II SubmarineIctineu II Submarine
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