Matsuri, Barcelona
Address: Plaza Regomir 1. Barcelona, Spain  
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Matsuri is part of the Restaurants and Gastronomy Guide in Barcelona.

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Telephone: 932681535

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I have lived in Barcelona for 3 years and visited this restaurant more thana dozen times. BAsically each time a friend or relative comes to visit this is where I take them first. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere and the food is great. I have been taught to always eat my way around a menu so I have tried everything on the menu! My favourites are the Vietnamese sushi to start, although I usually cannot decide between that and the mixed started, sometime I have both. The main has to be Kung Kra Tian, not sure about the spelling...this is made with fresh asparagus and a white oyster sauce...great for a date!
The sushi bar is new and I haven't tried that yet. If you're into sushi try and find Shunka, it will be worth tracking down, and its only a 10 min walk form this place. Best sushi in Barcelona I think.