The Sutton Club, Barcelona
The Sutton Club
Address: Tuset 13. Barcelona, Spain  
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The Sutton Club local amplio y a todo lujo, donde se concentra la gente guapa de la ciudad.

La música es básicamente disco, pero los Miércoles hacen sesiones de Country de 21:30h. a 01h. Y los Domingos música en directo con orquesta.

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Telephone: 93 414 42 17

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Absoulute Rubbish!!!
please please dont waste even a minute trying to get into this awful, rude, and overhyped club! The bouncers seem to think they are gods and pick and chose only those people whome they know. Queing up is pointless as we reached the front of the que and people who just turned up were trodding on our feet getting through!! honestly, dont waste your time here!!